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About Wakefield

Trust Wakefield with your most valuable assets. From medical equipment and data centers, to rare art collections and vital capital equipment, Wakefield Moving has over 50 years of skills, knowledge and experience to keep your relocation safe, simple, and efficient. We are your single point solution to relocation, records management, and surplus redistribution. With Wakefield, one call takes care of it all!

What We Do

Wakefield’s Technology Solutions Team has trained personnel, to prepare, pack and protect your everyday electronic devices, as well as large, complex data centers or networks, including:

IT Enterprise Hardware
Computer Workstations
High Tech Moves
Wakefield Moving & Storage has spent years training our supervisors and crews in handling and moving highly sensitive diagnostic equipment and laboratory materials. We offer high value equipment moving to a variety of facilities, including:

Hospitals   Medical offices
R&D facilities   Laboratories
Medical & Laboratories
Wakefield Moving and Storage is one of New England’s leaders in the highly specialized field of K – 12 and higher education relocation projects. Academic relocations can include:

Dormitory moves
K -12 & Higher Education
Academic Libraries
Research Laboratories
Administrative Moves
Faculty Residence Moves

(local or out of state)
Academic Moves

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